X3-9 Under Oil Seal 2
X3-7 Spindle
X3-6 Under Oil Seal 1
Vertical Digital Readout Bar 100mm-4 Large Display
Motor Pulley Assembly (OLD Style)
Extra Long Milling Table for X3 and Super X3
SX2LF-149A Speed Control Knob
SX2LF-149 Potentiometer
SX2LF-148 Green Power Indicator Light
SX2LF-147 Yellow Indicator Light
SX2LF-146 Switch Box Cover
SX2LF-145 Power Switch
SX2LF-142 Switch Box
SX2LF-140 Fuse Holder
SX2LF-139 Spindle Timing Pulley
SX2LF-137 Spindle Locking Nut
SX2LF-136 Belt Cover
SX2LF-134 Drawbars
SX2LF-132 Brushless DC Motor
SX2LF-130 Motor Timing Pulley
SX2LF-129 Key 4x16
SX2LF-123 Z-Axis Gib Strip
SX2LF-119 Spindle Bearings
SX2LF-115 Spindle
SX2LF-114 Key 4x16
SX2LF-106 Key 4x16
SX2LF-101 Compression Spring
SX2LF-96 Handle Sleeve
SX2LF-82 Main Control Board
SX2LF-79 Electric Box Cover
SX2LF-78 EMC Filter XMT-2305L
SX2LF-77 Electric Box
SX2LF-67 Torsion Spring
SX2LF-66 Key 4x8
SX2LF-61 Spring Tube
SX2LF-56 Gear Rack
SX2LF-53 Column
SX2LF-45 Limit Block
SX2LF-44 Indexable Locking Handle
SX2LF-35 X-Axis Leadscrew Thrust Bearing
SX2LF-25 Rivet 2x3
SX2LF-21 X-Axis Screw Nut - Metric
SX2LF-16 Y-Axis Screw Nut - Metric
SX2LF-14 Indexable Locking Handle
SX2LF-12 Y-Axis Feed Screw
SX2LF-11 Key 4x16
SX2LF-8 Metric and Imperial Micrometer Dials
SX2LF-7 Damp Spring
SX2LF-6 Hand Wheel
SX2LF-3 Handle Sleeve

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