X3-70 Compression Spring
X3-69 Indexable Locking Handle
X3-64 Z-Axis Gib
X3-63 Z-Axis Gib Adjusting Screw
X3-43 Recoil Spring
X3-38 Motor Enclosure
X3-22 Flange Gear
X3-17 Spindle Out Gear
X3-12 Drawbars
X3-9 Under Oil Seal 2
X3-7 Spindle
X3-6 Under Oil Seal 1
Vertical Digital Readout Bar 100mm-4 Large Display
Motor Pulley Assembly (OLD Style)
Extra Long Milling Table for X3 and Super X3
X1 EMC Filter
X1-165 Yellow Indicator Light
X1-151 Rivet 2x3
X1-142 Y-Axis Gib Strip 150mm long
X1-125 Forward-Off-Reverse Switch
X1-124C Speed Control Knob
X1-124 Potentiometer
X1-123 Fuseholder
X1-122 Green Power Indicator Light
X1-121B Main Control Board XMT2315-230v
X1-121A Main Control Board FC150BJ-230v
X1-119 Dial Label
X1-115 X-Axis Gib Strip
X1-113 X-Axis Feed Screw Nuts
X1-111 Long Leadscrew
X1-110 X or Y-Axis Bearing Block
X1-108 Metric and Imperial Micrometer Dials
X1-107 Damp Spring
X1-105 Long Table
X1-102 Column
X1-100 Key 3x10
X1-99 Handle Sleeve
X1-98 Handle Bolt
X1-97B Z-Axis Hand Wheel
X1-97 Hand Wheel
X1-95 Z Axis Lifting Screw
X1-88 Handle Sleeve
X1-79 Key 4x28
X1-77 Drawbars
X1-64 Fine Feed Handwheel
X1-63 Damp Spring
X1-48 Z-Axis Gib Strip
X1-47 Spring Pin 2X12
X1-46 H-L Change Knob
X1-43 Flanged Bearing

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